DealExtreme was opened in 2006 and managed to gain a good reputation from customers all over the world. Its main advantages are low prices and free delivery of goods throughout the world, regardless of the cost of the order. All orders are sent from Hong Kong. DealExtreme is probably the most popular Chinese shop on the Internet.

The main assortment of the store is smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets. The delivery time of the order is about 30-45 days from the date of dispatch, depending on the destination. DealExtreme has a small percentage of defects of their products. Also, they have one of the best technical support. For shopping, it is recommended to register on the site, but it is not necessary. Before buying a product it is strongly recommended to read reviews. You had better beware of products if there are no feedbacks, especially if they are very cheap.

Delivery for all orders throughout the world is completely free, regardless of a number of goods ordered and the cost of the order. A free tracking code is given for orders over $15. Orders with a total amount of less than $15 will be shipped by airmail without tracking code. But you still can add tracking code. It costs $1.70 for such orders. You can also choose express delivery service - EMS. For some expensive products, express delivery is a required option.

DX Warranty and Returns

You can return the goods of decent quality within 30 days after receiving. You will be paid back all money except the cost of delivery. Requirements for product returns: original undamaged packaging, preservation of the original form of goods, full set. In this case, you have to pay for delivery of the goods back to China.

The damaged goods will be asked to send back if the cost of sending (it is refunded) is less than 30% of the purchase price. Otherwise, DX could send a new product without even asking to send damaged goods back. If you received a defective item, DealExtreme takes it back with full compensation. Requirements to return are the same: original packaging, complete set, preservation of the original look.

At the most items represented in the catalog, there is a factory warranty (mobile phones, laptops, GPS navigators, etc.). The warranty period is listed on the page with a description of the goods, but it does not exceed one year. Remember, the warranty does not cover power supplies, batteries, wires, cables, adapters, chargers, headsets, etc.

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Cheryl Rohrenbach
This place is a joke. There is no customer service.I did not receive my order but they sure got there money . Now I had to get my bank involved. No way to get ahold of anyone there.
Ogunmola Ibukun
Please how can I get Their contact to be able to talk to them one on one ?
Josep Domingo
Hi, good afternoon, I'll get in touch with you because I placed an order with you 170417001014600697 04/17/2017 20:50 € 18,36 shipping completed Date Status Notasorder: 170417001014600697 04/18/2017 11:14:00 FullShipped All items have been shipped. 04/18/2017 6:16:33 order processing the order has been packaged to dispatch 04/18/2017 6:15:47 GeneratingShipment Lock order for generating shipments 17/04/2017 20:51:08 order processing The order is processing. 17/04/2017 20:51:08 order confirmed paid verified And I have not received the order, I have contacted the Spanish website and I get nothing, they are unable to solve the problems, they are an inept opandilla. I would like to know if I am able to have my capacitatimetro, since I pay for the card the same day I asked for it, and the money if that disappeared but I still have not received the order since 04-18-2017. receive a greeting Josep Domingo
Jan Andersson
Deal Extreme Order # 161125001045956514, date: 11/25/2016 Dear Sir or Madam, When I look up the DooGee cell phone on the following URL address, ”" the price listed is SEK 828.68. After I have placed the order and paid for the phone via PayPal, my account there shows a depletion of SEK 925.49. A price differntiation of 96.81 or a boost of 11.7%. If this price boost was ment for the christmas sale?? I am not interested in being a part of it. Price listed ought to be the price to be paid! The shipment was said to have been expedited on Nov 27/2016 but the package is as of todays date was not received. An explanation as to the price discrepancy would be appreciated. Jan Andersson, 10749747
Jan Andee
I ordered a cell phone for delivery promised in 15 - 20 days. Now 24 days after order nothing has been heard of and I have no e-mail address to DX. Jan
I once bought 2 earpieces,wireless headphones n wrist watch from Dx but I only got wrist watch since from early June till now n I only having order number not track number n in soo hate their service Bcoz I thought they were the best but even today I see nice things from them but I can't risk again never never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some time ago I bought a nikon coolpix camera at dealextreme. Wonderfull! But I have lost my toy. I am living in Bolivia (Tarija), but presently I am on leave in The Netherlands. I would like to buy at dealextreme a camera. moe or less the same as I bougth before. Can I buy it from here and hav it send to my teporarily sddress in The Netherlands? In one or two moths I will go back to Bolivia and I would like to take it with me then. Thank you. Regards, Mr. A.J.M. Oomen
I made in order too and still waiting. At the biginer focalprice was very responsible with anything I ordered, but now they had dilated my order eve though I was charged $59 dal lares for express shipping but nothing jet. Anyone would like to help me please. Thank you
Magazine China
From they I have my brand new phone!
ola gostaria de comprar aparelhos celulares com projetores relogios celulares
very good
I have used DealExtreme for over five years. I quickly adapted to the fact that their items can sometimes take eight or nine weeks to arrive, and simply made sure that I ordered items that were not urgent. From dozens of orders, the occasional one failed to show up within ten weeks, and their customer services immediately resent the same SKU as soon as I contacted them.
On May 23rd I got the parcel of 3 products, one of them was aluminum LED strip at 16W. After I connected it, it worked only for 10 seconds and went out! I wrote complaint on their web-site and they offered me to send this item back at my own expense! And the most important thing is that I need send it not to China (from where it actually came), but to the UK. As a result, the price of shipping is $30 and the initial value of the goods was $18. After I refused to send it back, they just ignore my further treatment! That's awful!!!
About advantages of the store has been said a lot. I'll tell you about the shortcomings:1. They send out goods in the soft box. Even if you order a large quantity of goods. 2. They don't have a big desire to return the money for defective goods. Also they don't want to send another thing instead of defective goods. They offer only a part of the cost to compensate for the broken item.
Prices for small goods are much higher than prices of their competitors!
Prices here are often higher than the prices of their competitors. Perhaps this is due to its reliability. As for me, DealExtreme is the most comfortable Chinese shop.
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