Banggood is a Chinese online shop that is on the market since 2004. There are over 30,000 products from different categories, such as smartphones and accessories, tablets, electronic gadgets, toys, LED illumination, clothing and accessories, watches and many other products on the Banggood website. The site is actively renewing the variety of selling products every day.

The store tries to remain prices on a low level. They have a net of suppliers that work in China in cities Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Yiwu. The cities are located closely to seaports, and this helps to reduce transport costs. The net of warehouses on different continents serves to decrease the terms of delivery. Similar to most Chinese stores delivery is free. If the order value is more than $25, package receives a free tracking code.

You can use PayPal to pay for orders in Banggood. Currently, this is the only way to pay online for the items you are buying. You can also pay for the products with the Western Union.

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I need some products from Banggood. I need the goods in Shenzhen, China. Is it possible?
Hi, do you charge in canadian dollars currency
Bheki Dlamini
If the order was send: Sometimes it doesn't depend of the shop, sometimes is problem of the mail, all these shops use the same mail so this can happen to any of these shops.
Bheki Dlamini
I also bought something on banggood i am in Richards Bay, i just wanted to try them out before i try something serious but is it possible to follow up on your order and does the goods have insurance
About to place my first order with Banggood but now I am thinking twice. I fear my order will never arrive all the way in South Africa. WOW!
Hi Milo, I have ordered several things from BangGood and they have ALL arrived safely in Cape Town. Just check the supplier ratings and choose the one with the highest points It does take quite long (about 50 days from order) because they get "stuck" in Customs in South Africa.
Share your thoughts...i want to buy chairs and tables for events setup how can i.
Rodrigo Barcia
I want buy from Taiwan, where I can find webs?
I shopped with BangGood for over 2 years and until they sold me a phone which was 10 year old technology (2g) which was dressed up as if it was brand new technology. I was sort of happy. I made 380 orders with them but every few months I was finding 2 or 3 items simply didn't show up. For some reason I felt bad about not getting them and having to go through the routine to have them resent. OK they did resend them but depending on who looked after it depended on the time I had to waste jumping through their hoops. I received a couple of parcels which decided to take a holiday in Sweden. China to Australia via Sweden ?? Anyway after more than 5 months they finally turned up. Maybe it was ordering something every second day which confused them, but those missing and wrong orders really bugged me. The phony phone was the last straw and I'm now looking for somewhere a little better. Somewhere which won't sell me a phone I can't use and offer me $2 compensation one day, $3 the next and $7 as a final offer. The silly part was I never asked for compensation, I just wanted to return a phone. I found out yesterday I could have purchased 100 of the identical phone for just $100 from AliExpress. I paid $40.20 at BangGood, some profit margin. So after 22 years I'm continuing my search for an honest and ethical Chinese seller. Wish me luck, I may need it.
the web shadow
go to account settings and cancel the buying process don't be late or he well kill your credit balance adios muchachos queenenough you must be broke enough loooooooool
Some one used my account to order from bangoods. How can i get a refund pls.
I like this shop Banggood. Because Communication is very good! Assortment of goods is good and is very cheap.
Dimitri K.
I found this site to provide excellent service. Unfortunately the package did not arrive due to complications with the post of my country but I was refunded by banggood after they re-received their package!
Liliana Franco
Por falta de stock no se pudo concretar el pedido. El reembolso fue inmediato. Excelente trato. Conforme al 100% con Banggood
Great competitive prices! I am starting to shop at banggood more than any other online retailers. I haven't had any serious issues with them and anytime I have a concern they work quickly to try to resolve it! Also they have some CRAZY SALES sometimes where they practically give things away! Go check them out and give them a try!
I had a tiny problem with a failing powerbank for my mobile phone and they quickly solved it!!! Great customer service
tony meagher
like to join
Très bon site, je le recommande. Achat depuis un an. Frais de port tres intéressant, livraison rapide SAV très compétant pour le peu de soucis rencontrés. Beaucoup de choix dans les produit proposés ainsi que les nouveautés. Vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés.
L’offre de Banggood est excelente et une service à l’écoute. Matériel recu dans les temps et impeccable. Un vendeur sérieu et communicatif… un vrai plaisir de traité avec Bangood… qualité (parfois bluffante) en regard du prix payé + frais d’envoi minimes + suivi client en cas de réclamation = tout y est !!! Un seul mot: BRAVO! (Prenant souvent le clavier pour “gueuler”…, il était normal de prendre deux minutes pour félicité, non?) LOL Bangood…c’est très… “secure” !!! Un grand Merci et à de prochaines transactions.
I have made more than 100 orders from banggood without any issue and with the cheapest prices. Recently I had a problem with one electronic item, a camera for fpv, and they repleced it by sending a new one to me. So, great after sales service, great prices, huge variety of items. I am very sutisfied and I am looking forward for more orders!
Buy Xiaomi Yi action camera, always low prices and high quality of product and service. On this item prices the following is not found!
I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a good deal. I have used banggood twice now and both times i experienced great service. The site is easy to use and the prices are great, the delivery time is also good. The customer care was outstandingly friendly, helpful and very efficient. I have no complaints about Banggood. Will continue to use them and i recommend everyone does!
Best Supplier, very pleased with them. All the goods are delivered next day with tracking number, good quality. A+++++++++++++
I am VERY happy with Banggood. Their customer service is some of the best I have ever experienced, through the internet or otherwise. Like many people I worry about purchasing goods from anywhere outside of my own, but I can promise you all you have nothing to fear with Banggood, they are always more than happy to assist with any issues you may have and always do in a friendly manor. I am so glad I found this site and will be using them for many years to come!
Con Banggood puedes comprar con total tranquilidad. Buen servicio.
Customer service is excellent, very helpful and kind, all emails are answered.My package was lost and refunded me my money.I am very satisfied.Recommended!
Naveen Mohan
My experience with Banggood is really good, fast shipping, perfect item, good communication. I highly recommended to my all known nearest n dearest,excellent customer service,Thanks BANGGOOD ......
I placed several orders. Some I'm still waiting for, some arrived OK, some defective and some damaged in shipping due to inadequate packaging. This review pertains to the defective CX-10 Quadcopters for which I received a refund. I ordered 4 quadcopters (claimed to be worlds smallest- very cool) but 2 were defective. I contacted customer service by e-mail and was asked to send a picture of products and shipping label. (I thought this was odd because my e-mail was attached to the order confirmation, and what good is a picture of something not working. Lol...) So, I sent the picture and explained I did not keep the shipping label. Without further to do I received an apology for defective merchandise and a refund would be issued within 48 hours. True to there word, I received a credit to my PayPal acct. Customer service agent Serene was very nice and helpful.
I had two orders with problems, and they gave me solutions better than a lot of spanish shops. Sometimes when you buy in chinese shops are concerned about how they will respond if something fail, but right now I feel totally safe buying here, even electronical gadgets (not cheap things)
adam afram
I didn't have any information about my order of two cell phone cover
please what is the average time it would take for me to reseive my product in Ghana
It take about 3-5 weeks
The screen of my tablet did not work properly. I communicate with the service and immediately they helped me. I am very satisfied by the store. I recommended for your shopping.
Muy buena respuesta. Tras averiarse una tablet comprada a ellos a los dos dias, me sugirieron llevarla a un taller que ellos me pagarían la factura. Así lo hicieron.
I am a Nigerian lady based in Nigeria and i like the testimonies I've read from your site,so will like to import men's wears, please what are the procedures . hope to hearing from you soon, thanks.
Temika Fisher
I ordered xiaomi 10400mAh powerbank from banggood but had something wrong with delivery. The item not send to my local office in times. I contacted to them for this problem and banggood resend me again for this item. Now I complete received this item. Thanks banggood for the good products with reasonable prices. Great customer service. I am sure to buy something else soon. The seller is responsible and sociable. Hightly recommended this store.
Ordered an 8 inch tablet, however the micro SD slot did not work and the screen had some blemish. So I returned it and received a new one, which is now working fine! Banggood was very cooperative and even refunded me the costs for returning the defective one. I am very satisfied with the customer support and also with the product itself!
willam davis
well, i intend to buy from banggood to see how thier services are.
Çok güzel bir sitedir. Alışveriş yaparken korkmayın. Best seller Banggood :)
I found that is the worst wholesale online, their service is very bad shipment is quickly to be honest but it's useless when item is violated or broken if this going happen to you then you'll 'meet the real evil banggood service'
don't buy from them . they are not good , item broken and shipping to late .
True said same happens to me either stay away.
sylvia moosan
I will love to see what you ll are selling.
Good luck!!!!!
medhat nasr
see what they did: 'I ordered three fishing rods, the price is $86 they refund me only $16. the trick is the defective items that I resent to them ($41.16 + $35.77) were included with my new order instead of refunding me, for that they asked me to pay only $16 instead of $86. after that they send me that they shipped the items of the order # 3417483, then they sent me,on purpose, an email titled with a name is not mine and a different order number asking me to send them my telephone number because the item is too long even they sent the same item before with the same long. I replied telling them that is not my name and my order as well, then they apologize for this mistake, if they honest, they would tell me that they meant me but they didn't do, because they created the whole story to cancel the order, after that they cancelled the order because I did not sent them my telephone number and refund me $16 and did not send the ($41.16 + $35.77) that was included in this order ...., Now, the status of three orders will be two were received by the buyer and the third is refunded even the two that were received one of them was returned an the other was thrown in the garbage so I will never prove that I didn't get my items or my money back ... Really banggood is a Professional thief. '
medhat nasr
banggood is a Professional thief.
I've got bad experience with that site so stay away for your own good.
O melhor site pra comprar da china que entrega no brasil.
Abel Chioma
Banggood, is = good thinking, good product.
Chioma, from your name I guess you are a Nigerian? Do you mind telling me how reliable their services are i.e banggood? Like to get the opinion of one with a first hand experience.
Abel Chioma
I'm expecting to hear from you. I think you guys #rock.
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