Which online shopping websites in China accept PayPal?

We should start with what PayPal is. PayPal - is a system of online payments. This service allows you to instantly and securely send and receive money, and make online purchases.

Why should we use PayPal when shopping online from China? PayPal protects the buyers against the fraud and dishonest sellers! Payment for the purchase is preserved on the PayPal account until the buyer confirms that the goods are received or until 180 days after the purchase. During this period, if the goods do not come or fail to meet the requirements, the customer can open a dispute. If the seller and the buyer would not reach common agreement, and the buyer proves his/her case - PayPal returns the buyer the full value of what he paid, including shipping costs.

The list of Chinese shops that accept PayPal

# Shop Coupons Visit Site
1 18 coupons www.banggood.com
2 6 coupons www.miniinthebox.com
3 9 coupons www.lightinthebox.com
4 11 coupons www.gearbest.com
5 19 coupons www.dx.com
6 12 coupons www.tinydeal.com
7 11 coupons www.modlily.com
8 20 coupons www.dresslily.com
9 3 coupons www.yoybuy.com
10 3 coupons www.geekbuying.com
11 7 coupons www.romwe.com
12 6 coupons www.yesstyle.com
13 11 coupons www.fashionmia.com
14 2 coupons www.everbuying.net
15 1 coupon www.chinabuye.com
16 11 coupons www.sammydress.com
17 9 coupons www.rotita.com
18 7 coupons www.cigabuy.com
19 1 coupon www.dealsmachine.com
20 17 coupons www.newfrog.com
21 No coupons www.milanoo.com
22 6 coupons www.tomtop.com
23 23 coupons www.rosegal.com

If you are in doubt whether to use PayPal when shopping - the answer is that you definitely should! PayPal protects you from the fraud. With this system, you can return the money you spent on a product that differs from the seller's description, is faulty or has not been delivered to you.

If you have no PayPal account, be sure to sign in. All you need – is a bank card. It takes a few minutes to sign in and several hours to verify your card. Purchases can be made via PayPal without registration as well, but in this case, you cannot open the dispute.

PayPal - the best protection for online purchases.

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